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The Unofficial Harry Potter Birthday Party

Official Announcement

Hello, My Dear Lovelies,

This is Penny Pembroke! My most esteemed Regina told me that it was time to come clean, as many people are wondering why we are having our birthday celebration one week AFTER the great Harry’s birthday! Well… I do admit to being slightly mixed up sometimes, and that is EXACTLY what led to this mess! Regina said that I needed to schedule the birthday, and I was just SOOOO delighted that she remembered my dear nephew Harry’s birthday! So I made all of the arrangements, printed the announcements, ordered the croissants and the roast… I thought everything was perfectly lovely! Then Regina came in, upset and in a dither, and told me that it wasn’t Harry PEMBROKE’S birthday party, it was that OTHER Harry’s birthday! OH DEAR! It was just too late by then to do anything about it! Everything was ordered, the place was scheduled, and I wouldn’t be able to get back my deposit! At least they share the same name! My nephew is an early August child, so the dates are close. I know that doesn’t excuse my mistake, but I hope that the chance to celebrate will raise everyone’s spirits and that we all can have a jolly good time! (Even if it is a tiny bit late.) Thank you so much, you amazing wizard and witches, for understanding! I can’t wait to see you at the Unofficial Harry POTTER’S Birthday Party… a little late!

Penny Pembroke

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