Facebook House Competition

Join our MVW (Most Valuable Wizard) Tournament! Perform daring acts and prove your superior intellect to be proclaimed Most Valuable Wizard and earn your trophy!

Please note, we are happy to have everyone join in! Only those who have purchased tickets for the evening’s festivities on August 7th will be eligible to receive an award, however. Other obnoxious details- keep it clean, keep it true but NICE (Slytherins), this is family-friendly, and we know that our fellow Harry Potter Fans want to show the best of who we are! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!


  1. Weekly Challenges and TriviaHouse Scavenger Hunt– Must post 1 selfie per house item: raven, griffon, badger, snake, feather, sky, river, fire, wheat, soil, eagle, and wearing wizard robes (One pic per item per person for credit, 1 point for any pic posted that isn’t the genuine item. 3 points for any pic with the genuine article, and 5 points for a wizard wearing wizard robes.)
  2. Find the Wizard/Witch Scavenger Hunt– Find the locations of where our wizards and witches took pictures, and take your own selfies there. There are 20 total. Ranges from 1-5 points depending on location identification difficulty. Point value will be posted at same time as pic.

The following Scavenger Hunts will begin July 1-

  1. Business Scavenger Hunt– Find 20 of the 50 locations where various sizes of Hogwarts’ shields are located.
  2. Harry Potter Event Geocache– begins July 1 and runs for the month of July.

Please click on the FB link below to find the weekly challenges and scavenger hunts.

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