Welcome to the Unofficial Harry Potter

Birthday Party Event!

We are excited to officially invite you to celebrate Harry Potter with us.

What does this mean?

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The Family Fun Event

Calling all wizards and witches: Come attend our annual birthday party. All ages are invited. Be sorted, find your wand, experiment in potions class, practice wizard ball, create your own spell book and enjoy lunch in the Great Hall!!!

For lunch come enjoy a croissant sandwich with fruit, vegetables, pasta and a sweet treat!

We will have a potions demonstration on what to mix and not to mix.

Our candy cart has magical treats you can buy.

Our store offers unique items for purchase.

To purchase tickets for the Family Fun Event: Click Here.

The Disappearing Relic

Calling on all wizards and witches: We need your help! Our relic has disappeared and the leads have gone cold. Help us find the relic that has disappeared. While you are with us, come practice your potion skills, play wizard ball, choose your wand, and show your house pride!! You must be 14 or older to attend this event.

To purchase tickets for The Disappearing RelicClick Here.

We have two opportunities for the youth:

A Golden Broomstick Ceremony will be held during the family fun event for a couple of youth that have made a difference in the community. Click here to find out more.

We are looking for high school aged youth to participate in our mentorship program. If you are interested in finding out more please click here.

Facebook House Competition –

Join our MVW (Most Valuable Wizard) Tournament! Perform daring acts and prove your superior intellect to be proclaimed Most Valuable Wizard and earn your trophy!

The exciting details!

Participate in our Facebook Challenges in the two months leading up to the Event! Follow us, because random challenges, trivia, and clues to the reveal of the Relic Thief will be posted. The final awards will be given the night of the performance.

Along with our tournament, we have the pleasure of hosting previously hidden Relics representing all four houses! Come see the famous (and sometimes dangerous) artifacts of a long legacy of magic. Our Touring House Art and Relic Exhibition will be available for this night only!

To find out more information about our House Competitions please click here.

Why is Harry’s birthday on the wrong date?

Event theme is based on the Harry Potter Book Series by J.K. Rowling. The Canterbury Place and Iconic Occasion, LLC, do not claim any rights to Harry Potter, its trade marks, copyrights, or official licensing. This event is unofficial and unauthorized; no part has been reviewed, authorized, approved, licensed, endorsed or supported by J.K. Rowlling, her publishers, or Warner Bros. Entertainment. The Canterbury Place and Iconic Occasion, LLC, are not liable, and are to be indemnified and held harmless for, any statements made by attendees and others who may associate themselves with this event.
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